Razorbacks Brush Strokes High Heat (soft) Screen Print Transfers- RTS

Razorbacks Brush Strokes High Heat (soft) Screen Print Transfers- RTS

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Screen Print transfers.   Ready to ship.

Approximately 10.7". 

Screen Print Transfer Instructions:

These are HIGH heat, please be aware they are a bit more delicate to press than our low heat.  We will not refund for improper pressing. 

If you've never worked with high heat transfers before, we suggest you start with some of the smaller (we have them in the 3.5" mask size) transfers or order a few extras to find that "sweet" spot on your press. 

Manufacturer's Instructions: 

Screen Print Transfer Instructions:

Recommended for

  • 100% Cotton
  • 80% Cotton / 20% Poly
  • 50% Cotton / 50% Poly

Recommended Heat Press Machines

  • Hix N880, HT400, HT600,S650, SM20
  • Hotronix, Fusion, Maxx
  • Geo Knight, Auto, Clam, Swing. *Must be able to provide 50 PSI
  • Insta Heat Machines

Application Instructions:

  1. Preheat Garment if necessary to remove excess moisture
  2. Temperature: 360°F / 183°C
  3. Time: 7 - 10 seconds
  4. Pressure: 50- 60 PSI
  5. Do not use a teflon sheet or teflon bonnet between heat platen and transfer paper.

If you own a heat press which is Not one of our recommended brands, please follow the steps below.

  1. Increase your temperature +20°
  2. Preheat your garment for 7 - 10 seconds
  3. Use the Maximum pressure your machine will allow
  4. **We do not recommend “Bargain type” heat machines or hand held heat machines found on Amazon (typically cost less than $500)
  5. Cricut Easy Press will not work with our heat transfers.

Washing Instructions:

Allow 24 - 48 hours to allow the garment to completely cure before machine wash. Wash inside out in cold water. Tumble dry low heat.


Please make sure you have the required software and knowledge to use this transfer before making you purchase.

IMPORTANT every effort has been made to represent the true colors of this transfer but resolution and final colors may vary from screen to screen and printer to printer.