Bulldog High heat (soft) Screen Print Transfers RTS

Bulldog High heat (soft) Screen Print Transfers RTS

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9.5" x 10.5"

Transfer Type

HL or High Definition Lights – High detail for light garments. Soft hand, bright colors and excellent washability. Prints well on midtones to white.




375-380 Fahrenheit


Heavy 55 – 65 PSI


8 – 10 Sec. – Hot Peel Immediately

These are high heat transfers and take a LOT of pressure.  

These are HIGH heat, please be aware they are a bit more delicate to press than our low heat.  We will not refund for improper pressing. 

If you've never worked with high heat transfers before, we suggest you start with some of the smaller (we have them in the 3.5" mask size) transfers or order a few extras to find that "sweet" spot on your press.